He’s a self-reformed playboy who has sworn off women.

His new officemate?

A woman.

An alluring woman.

It’s a collision course in the making.

Having recently completed a stint in a treatment center, Dylan Blackard is back in the small town of Hera, New York, hoping to live a quiet life, simple, like a monk who’s daily regimen consists of nothing more than running, working, and sleeping. Abandoning his notorious reputation as the wild guy with a womanizing past, he’s on a new path to being the well-behaved man his brother can finally stop worrying about. But this monk-like existence is making Dylan one humorless, cranky hermit. If he thought he could live a chaste life, that becomes incredibly challenging when his boss (the brother who should know better) hires a new employee, Emma Keller, the stunning woman who’s going to be sharing an office with Dylan and all of his tightly wound nerves.

Emma is spunky.

Dylan doesn’t need spunk.

She’s a no-nonsense Jersey girl who isn’t about to feel sorry for Dylan or cut him any slack. And she’s a major distraction, turning Dylan’s emotional balancing act upside down with her determination to pull him out of his self-imposed isolation. What starts out as a harmless and entertaining tug-of-war could be a slippery slope for Dylan.

Coming from a family with its own tumultuous history, the people and the problems Emma’s trying to leave behind have a tight hold on her, and the more Dylan becomes invested in her, the more concerned he becomes about undoing everything he achieved in rehab. This sultry woman, who happens to have an impressive hard right cross, could be the tipping point that unravels the new monk-esque Dylan and encourages past destructive behaviors.

Seriously, Emma is the last thing a monk—or Dylan—needs.

*This is a stand-alone book in the Fearsome Series.

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